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The long term target after making a low with the major Gann timing on 3/13/2020 is still the area of the Major Gann square at 7600 and 38.2% of the 6/26/2019 high, this level is 7700. This is the area that will tell us if the Gann timing is going to be a long term bottom, or they go right back down to test the low, or even make a new one. Trading up to, or above 7700 and closing below 7500 should send them back to the lows. A solid close above 7700 and a longer term bottom should be in and the next target is 10,000, with a long term target of 11,700. Watch the levels below for short term levels.


The long term target in the Euro is 1.1375, untilthey can get a solid close above it watch for them to trade back to the 1.0648 low again and then go for the 2016 low of 1.0367. Provided they can get a solid close above 1.1375 the target will be 1.1826. Here to watch the levels below for the short term levels.
You can find all the free rules/guidelines and examples for the Fibonnaci levels at,
7690 LT DSP 1.1375 LTT
RES 6745 RESIST. 1.1213
CLOSE 6682 CLOSE 1.1157
SUP. 5844 DSP SUPPORT 1.1063
5085 1.0991 DSP
4217 1.0871
DSP= Dynamic Swing Point
LT DSP= Long term Dynamic Swing Point
LTT = Long Term Target
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